Oak Master Pacific Toasted Oak Infused Closure Range

Wood Species Flavours and Aromas Range

  • Quality wood sourced from the same forests and toasted through-and-through for the same results every time.
  • 12 weeks extraction time available in 2 variety of wood species for maximum flavor profile potential.

Red Oak ROBUR -PETRAEA (French):

French oak contains high concentrations of spice and balsam aromatic compounds. It is also characterized by its high concentrations of eugenol (spice aromas) and maltol (roasted and caramel aromas).

  • Enhances aromatic complexity by transferring vanilla and spice aromas.
  • Preserves the wine's natural fruitiness due to its slow, gradual transfer of aromas.
  • Creates a structured mouthfeel thanks to its ellagitannin content.

Notes: Red berries, toasted marshmallow, light grass, baking bread, butterscotch.

Oak Master French Oak Medium Toasted

Contain high concentrations of volatile compounds like eugenol, guaiacol and isoeugenol, which give the wine black pepper, clove and liquorice aromas.

Oak Master French Oak Medium Toasted

Oak Master French Oak Dark Toasted

Is characterized by the dark chocolate, caramel, coffee, roasted and subtly spicy aromas typical of fine hardwood.

Oak Master French Oak Dark Toasted

White Oak ALBA (American):

American oak contains higher concentrations of volatile compounds and derivatives of thermal degradation of lignin and lower concentrations of ellagitannins.

  • Minimizes modification of the wine's tannin profile due to its low ellagitannin content. Has less impact on structured mouthfeel than European oaks.
  • Have a significant short-term organoleptic impact due to its high volatile compound content.
  • This oak rapidly transfers its characteristic aromas to the wine, making it suitable for short-duration treatments.

Notes: toasted coconut, cinnamon, pepper, sweet baked bread, caramel.

Oak Master American Oak Medium Toasted

Has a high polyphenol and phenolic aldehyde content derived from thermal degradation of the lignin, which is what produces the oak's spice aromas. Their highly regarded cis- and trans-whiskey-lactones add an intense vanilla aroma to the wine.

Oak Master American Oak Medium Toasted

Oak Master American Oak Dark Toasted

You have a high glycosidic polymer content that produces toasted, caramel and roasted notes and significantly increases the wine's aromatic complexity.

Oak Master American Oak Dark Toasted
Oak Master Pacific Toasted Oak Infused Closure Range

Toasting process evolution

Medium Toasted

The OAK MASTER® medium toast have a certain decrease in the overall flavor impact in relation to light toasted, but will gain balance and complexity. The notes of the B -methyl -y- octalactone will decrease other volatiles, it will especially increase vanillin. Likewise the contribution of ellagitannins is low. A medium toast, gives a better balance between the notes of coconut, vanilla, toasted, smoked and spice. Also in a medium toasting the contribution of ellagitannins usually considered proper to complement the wine and spirits structure.

Dark Toasted

The dark toasted OAK MASTER® infusion closure produces a new and slight decrease in overall flavor intensity and above all causes a huge change in terms of composition. Basically a further increase of the volatile phenols and furans as well as a decrease of B -methyl-and-octolactones and produces vanillin. The ellagic tannins continue to decrease as the degree of toasting increases to very low levels. Spicy and toasted flavor.